Why Spend Money on a Will? Lori Ashmore Peters, Managing Attorney-Ashmore Law Firm | Ep.143 – DiR!

Here’s a startling fact—70% of Americans do not have a Will. That’s 7 in 10 people. Potentially your whole family.

Many put it off because they don’t want to think about their mortality or make difficult decisions.

But without a will, the court and State will make these decisions for you. So all that hard work you’ve put in to leave something behind for your family could be erased in ways that you never imagined.

Lori Ashmore Peters, Attorney at Law, talks turkey (as they say) about how important it is that everyone – allow me to repeat myself, everyone – protects their legacy’s assets and make decisions about what they want in a Will.

Here are questions Lori will address:
– Do you care who is in charge of your hard-earned assets?
– Do you want to protect your loved ones from creditors?
– Who will make your decisions about who gets what when you die?

Tune in to hear Lori’s advice gleaned from servicing clients within her family’s reputable Dallas law firm – Monday, 12:30PM Central.

Top Takeaways:
– Never put off tomorrow what you can and should do today.
– There are always two sides to every story.
– Usually, there’s an underlying reason people act the way they do.
– Speak with a smile in your voice.

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