A CEO’s Heart | Doing It Right – Episode 64

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Dr. Nancy Vish has made a career out of touching other people’s hearts…literally. In 2002, she helped open Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital and serves as its president and chief nursing officer. A lifetime of work has helped her lead the hospital to state and national renown.

Dr. Vish has built a culture of safety and quality. "We spend a lot of time selecting just the right people for the job," she says.

While the personal, hands-on approach is always important to building a great culture with patients, Dr. Vish says they’re also looking to the future and building better treatments and results through data. She says working alongside AI can help make healthcare better, and do it faster. It’s just one of the ways that Dr. Vish is commited to doing more than just enough to get the job done.

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