Leadership in Corporate Responsibility; Mentoring & Inclusion in the Workplace | My Gift Episode 5

Zarina Lam Stanford is the Chief Marketing Officer of Syniti (also formerly at SAP; IBM) driving corporate change and focus through many initiatives internally & externally in her role as CMO and influencer.

Zarina brings the gift of Corporate Responsibility to life through mentoring & inclusion in the workplace. She also helps by driving sustainability initiatives around the globe as Syniti seeks to serve customers and communities.

To learn more about Zarina and Syniti visit: https://www.syniti.com/

Do you want to alleviate worry in seconds? | For The Love Of Healing Ep.4

Today on The Healing View we welcome Deborah Singleton who shows us how we can shift our feelings of anxiety and worry quickly. Using her suggestions is so helpful especially in these unusual and stressful times. Take the time to listen and practice the simple tools Deborah offers from her many years of helping other through personal crisis and stress. Deborah can be reached at [email protected]

Everyone needs help moving through these unknown days and weeks. Remember we are available for talking, energy sessions and or meditation over phone or computer. Reach us at [email protected] (972) 400-0807

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Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County || Community Cocktails with Kimberly Episode 32

Last year over 4,500 cases of child abuse or neglect were reported in Collin County.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County provides a safe, child-friendly environment where law enforcement, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), prosecution, medical and mental health professionals may share information and develop effective, coordinated strategies sensitive to the needs of each unique case and child. The CAC model operates by bringing services to the child instead of the child going from place to place to tell their stories and get help.

Core services provided by the Center are Forensic Interviews, Family Advocacy and Support Services, Therapeutic Counseling, and Community Education.

To get involved or to learn more about the CAC of Collin County visit:

Michael Garrett | 1st Things First with Ches Bostick Ep. 4

On this episode of 1st Things First with Ches Bostick, Ches interviews special guest Michael Garret of Trusted World!

Allergy Season with COVID-19

Dr. Jeffrey Whitman with Key-Whitman Eye Center says allergy season in North Texas could be more dangerous now that COVID-19 is in the air. Dr. Whitman explains how rubbing itchy eyes could introduce the virus into your system.

Episode 78: Family Expectations

Today we will be sharing many of the operational things being done behind the scenes to make sure we are able to serve our school community with lunches and instruction. We also will share two videos. The first one is about the need to establish routines and family norms/expectations together and this video shows you how to do this.
Then, we will chat with Buddy Davis, our director of facilities who will share about the new meal pick up schedule that starts next week. Staci Weaver, senior director of school operations is next, with information about the laptop deployment and what to do when the laptop at home has an issue. She will also share how we are working to keep both you and our employees safer through the distribution of meals and instructional packets and the dropoff of those packets each week.
Mr. Chaparro, the MW HS director will share how he and his team were able to get 100% of the scholars their laptops! Good work, Mr. Chaparro and team!
Dr. Mann, the SPED director will talk about how her department is continuing to meet the needs of SPED scholars even in the online instruction world. Finally, Ida Dominguez, the GT/EL coordinator will tell how we are meeting the needs of our English Language Learners as well as the gifted and talented scholars as well.
As a special treat, we have included at the end a short video on COVID scams and how to avoid them.
Wow! So much information in a short podcast! Let us know either how we did or other info we could bring you in future podcasts. Stay safe everyone and remember – wash your hands and practice physical distancing!

RNCN Remote Video Capabilities

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have high quality digital content. Remote video calls have become a way of life in recent weeks to combat social distancing and communicate with others. You can share your life, your business, your brand with millions of people and the Real News Communications Network will add value to your content.

Jason Redman | The Jeff Crilley Show

On this episode of The Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes retired naval officer and U.S. Navy SEAL, Jason Redman.

Coronavirus and vision

Dr. Jeffery Whitman with Key Whitman Eye Center says the Coronavirus is not likely to affect your vision. However, he addresses what you should know if your eyes get irritated with redness.


Believe in You, then Do The Work, featuring Chuck Herrick | Coffee With Claire – S06 Ep 05

Many of us face challenges early on that shape us and could define us. But how we react to those forces and experiences is what truly makes us the people we are.

Life is about choices. Choosing a fork in the road and then understanding the related consequences is a part of life. If you can harness the power, positive or negative, of a given life experience, then one can move forward in the direction of their choosing.

Our guest today has overcome many obstacles in life and used them as stepping stones for his next phase of life.

To learn more about Chuck visit: https://chuckherrick.com/