Do the police actually prevent crime? | Excellence in Policing – Episode 2

Let me ask you a serious question, "Do you believe the police actually prevent crime?" Or I’ll ask you this way, "Should the police take all of the credit or blame for crime in their cities?"

Our panel for this episode tackles this question head-on. For this topic, I wanted a mix of academia, practitioners, and a police beat reporter to dissect this from a few different angles. So, I invited Dr. Alex Piquero, a
University of Texas at Dallas Professor of Criminology. Dr. Piquero also serves on the Dallas Mayor’s Task Force on Crime and has a national profile for his expertise and insight. WFAA TV Investigative Reporter Tanya Eiserer has covered the Dallas Police Department and policing since 1996 and has a unique perspective on crime in the big city. Dan Carolla is a former Commander in the Dallas Police Department and now serves as the Chief of Police in Lake Dallas, a Dallas suburb. Chief Carolla has vast knowledge and experience in Operations so his insight is invaluable. Together, we had some very interesting dialogue about crime and whether or not the police prevent crime.

You will be surprised at some of the different views shared in this episode.

Thanks for tuning in!

REPLAY: Understanding Hospice Misconceptions | Acappella Podcast

In this encore episode of Acappella in Home Care, Jo Alch sits down with Dr. Kelly Newcomer, Lisa Johnson and Dana O’Connor from Hope Health Care to discuss understanding Hospice misconceptions.

KIDS: They are always watching us | Living on Purpose with Jenny Dean – Ep. 9

Children watch how you treat yourself, how you talk to your significant other, and even how you treat your body.

I have researched the top 10 daily routines and activities that we can do with our kids other than playing video games and staring at screens!

Through these, you’ll be able to instill strong values, a confident mindset, healthy boundaries – all while showing healthy eating and being active can be fun!

Hyperbaric Treatment can help speed up concussion recovery

Grady Andersen suffered a concussion after hitting his head on another player during basketball practice. He later visited Dr. Al Johnson at Johnson Medical Associates and started hyperbaric treatment. The middle schooler talks to Real News Communications Network’s Digital Correspondent Sarah Macias about his journey to recovery.

Toni Holt Kramer | CEO Money Episode 210

In the course of her television career, Toni has interviewed upwards of 3,000 major celebrities, including movie and television stars, famed athletes, political VIPs, and even the Former First Lady, Nancy Regan. Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Bob Hope, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, Glenn Ford, Frank Sinatra, Merv Griffin and Johnny Carson …these are just but a very few of the tremendous stars that Toni has met and worked with during her time on the Hollywood scene.

She also has a brand new book, out now, called ‘UNSTOPPABLE ME, Toni Holt Kramer: My Life in the Spotlight?’

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Shawn Edwards of T Bar M Racquet Club || Community Cocktails with Kimberly Episode 27

Tennis, in Dallas!?!

That’s right! You can see some of the world’s best take to the court at T Bar M Racquet Club for a full week tournament in early February.

Shawn Edwards joins me to break down the event and what you can expect to see at one of the largest tennis facilities in the metroplex.

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Ticket Information


Dallas Architect Charles Hodges | Senior Care Solutions Ep.2

Today on Senior Care Solutions, host Frank Bowles sits down with Dallas architect Charles Hodges of Tribute Senior Living. Tribute is the passion project of renowned Dallas architect Charles Hodges, based on his own experience with his father’s care. Remembering the heartbreak of watching his father decline and knowing he would’ve given anything to have more good days, Charles embarked on an 18-year journey of researching best practices and cutting edge design programming and assembled a team of both operational and research experts.

"It all comes back to you!", Beth Duke | The Lemon Tree – Ep. 20

In this episode of The Lemon Tree, Jo Alch sits down with Beth Duke, author of "It all comes back to you!".

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Texas responding to school shootings | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 67

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

Today we will be focusing on one of the many components of Senate Bill 11, which involves security and safety. It requires schools to form threat a campus assessment team. School operations director Staci Weaver will share information on the why, how, what, and when of this threat assessment team. Come listen and learn how the state of Texas is responding to the school shootings and how to better keep schools safe.

Tim "TK" Klund | The Jeff Crilley Show

Today on The Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes Tim "TK" Klund, who runs the annual Red River Celebrity Softball Game.