Morning Routine & Why we should get up before anyone else | Living on Purpose with Jenny Dean -Ep. 1

Welcome to the first episode of my podcast, ‘Living on Purpose with Jenny Dean’.
Thank you so much for joining me on this new endeavor and allowing me to share my journey with you. I wanted to start a podcast to have another platform to be able to connect to more people.
In this episode, I am going to share my 5 life-changing morning routines with you. I believe what we do in the first hour of waking makes or breaks our whole day. Winners get up EARLY – most CEOs and business-owners get up before 5 am.

The Surprising Fate of 7-Figure Real Estate Brokerages with Todd Tramonte | Cliff’s Notes – Ep. 23

Todd Tramonte is the best selling author of multiple books, an energetic radio host, a frequent television contributor, a flourishing podcast host, a 7-figure brokerage owner, a results-oriented business coach, a paradigm-shifting consultant, an in-demand speaker, a lucky husband and dad, a desperate follower of Jesus, and a self-proclaimed half-decent grower of fruit.

George Fuller | Legends in Leadership – Ep. 51

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George Fuller has been a resident of McKinney, Texas for 25 years and was elected Mayor in May 2017.

Mayor Fuller is currently a builder and developer of custom homes and commercial properties with George C. Fuller Contracting. He and his wife, Maylee, have 4 wonderful children.

Episode 10: Janet Strackhouse – Women in Technology

Having it all vs. having the best, Janet Strackhouse lets us in on the secret of success in the male-dominated industry of technology and balancing work with being a mom (my mom!).

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Dr. John Poothullil | CEO Money Episode 178

John M. Poothullil, MD, FRCP, practiced medicine as a pediatrician and allergist for more than 30 years, with 27 of those years in the state of Texas. He received his medical degree from the University of Kerala, India in 1968, after which he completed two years of medical residency in Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, Arizona and two years of fellowship, one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the other in Ontario, Canada. He began his practice in 1974 and retired in 2008. He holds certifications from the American Board of Pediatrics, The American Board of Allergy & Immunology, and the Canadian Board of Pediatrics.

During his medical practice, John became interested in understanding the causes of and interconnections between hunger, satiation, and weight gain. His interest turned into a passion and a multi-decade personal study and research project that led him to read many medical journal articles, medical textbooks, and other scholarly works in biology, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, and cellular metabolic functions.
This eventually guided Dr. Poothullil to investigate the theory of insulin resistance as it relates to diabetes. Recognizing that this theory was illogical, he spent several years rethinking the biology behind high blood sugar and developed the fatty acid burn theory as the real cause of diabetes.

He continued researching the linkage between diabetes and cancer, and developed additional insights into the causes of childhood and adult cancer and possible treatments involving low-carbohydrate diets to initiate starving of cancer cells by removing their main source of energy – glucose from grains.

Dr. Poothullil has published three books since 2015, two of which have won publishing awards in national book competitions.
• Eat Chew Live: 4 Revolutionary Ideas to Prevent Diabetes, Lose Weight & Enjoy Food (Over & Above Creative, 2015) – Winner, Beverly Hills Book Awards, Nutrition Category 2016
• Diabetes: The REAL Cause & The RIGHT Cure: 8 Steps to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 8 Weeks (New Insights Press, 2017) – Finalist, Beverly Hills Books Awards, Diet & Nutrition Category 2017
• Surviving Cancer: A New Perspective on Why Cancer Happens & Your Key Strategies for a Healthy Life (New Insights Press, 2017)

Dr. Poothullil has written articles on hunger and satiation, weight loss, diabetes, and the senses of taste and smell. His articles have been published in medical journals such as Physiology and Behavior, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Journal of Women’s Health, Journal of Applied Research, Nutrition, and Nutritional Neuroscience. His work has also been quoted in Woman’s Day, Fitness, Redbook and Woman’s World.

Dr. Poothullil is an active speaker on diabetes and cancer. He has appeared on television shows, been interviewed on over 60 radio programs, and given numerous talks to groups in bookstores and private settings. An interview with him appeared in the Washington Post. His articles on diabetes have been published in Alternative Medicine, Whole Person, India Abroad, and several other magazines. He has published nearly 130 blogs on his website www.DrJohnOnHealth.com.

For more information visit:


Christmas Baking, Memories & Traditions | Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland – Ep. 21

Baking in an Irish household reaches feverish pitch during the Christmas period.

This week, Rachel will be chatting about Irish traditions & Customs and sharing details of her upcoming Christmas Cookie Class in Dallas on December 9.


Ashton Stauffer | The Jeff Crilley Show

Today on The Jeff Crilley Show, we feature Ashton Stauffer, the Owner of Jambo’s BBQ Shack.

Learn more about Ashton and Jambo’s at:

So you want to write a book… Where to Start | The Lemon Tree – Ep. 18

In this episode of The Lemon Tree, Jo Alch delves into the process of writing her own book with Barbara Richardson Glass from ‘ Write Around the Corner’ and lays out what the process if you’re wanting to write your own book.

If you wish to learn more, please visit:

Connect with Barbara on LinkedIn:

Follow Up: Destination Wilderness after school program | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep 59

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A few weeks ago we did a podcast with Dr. Michael Hooten and Ms. Jennifer Hoag from the Destination Wilderness afterschool program for middle schoolers. To refresh your memory on that podcast, here’s the link:

The first activity of this afterschool program happened last week end in both schools. Scholars and their parent(s) slept outside on the school grounds and had fun doing different activities before spending the night in a tent!

Today, we will hear from a few scholars who were there and their facilitators as we discuss the Legacy PCA outdoor learning program.

Did the scholars sleep well? Are they excited about future camping in one of Texas’ state parks? Were there ghost stories? What goes on at 3:00 am outside of your school?

Our first camping experience was a success and we will share upcoming events and ideas for getting your family involved in the outdoors.

Listen to find out the answers to the camping questions and more about this character building outdoor program!

Scott Townsend, Legacy’s STEM Director, will host this week’s podcast!

Episode 9: Rachel Stacy – Road to Recovery

Meet songwriter, musician, and entertainer, Rachel Stacy! Today she talks about her upbringing, her struggle with drugs and alcohol, and how she hopes to use her story and her music to bring others hope!
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