Horst Schulze | CEO Money Episode 106

In EXCELLENCE WINS: A No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming the Best in a World of Compromise (Zondervan/HarperCollins, 3/5/19), Horst Schulze explains how the act of caring is the key to exceptional customer service – and success – in any industry today. A dedicated advocate for customer service excellence, Schulze has elevated the customer experience across a six-decade career in luxury hospitality by truly caring, a passion demonstrated to his guests, teams and colleagues alike. He believes customer care is the most undervalued (and overlooked) elements in business today.

Schulze spearheaded Ritz-Carlton’s unprecedented multi-billion dollar growth, setting the elite global brand’s winning vision and people-focused standards from its inception. The universal truth that guided his successful career is the practical belief in caring for people above profits. It was Schulze who established 24 Service Standards for all employees, empowering anyone on his staff to spend up to $2000 to solve any guest problem or issue. He now urges leaders of every age, career stage, and industry not to settle for secondary goals like meeting a budget or even safeguarding jobs, so as not to miss the most important work. This disruptive principle, he argues, can take service and leadership to the highest level. The power of caring for others is the key driver of success.
In an interview, Schulze can discuss how his model of leadership merged with service at the highest level. His disruptive leadership model and passionate, personalized, “no excuses” approach has included short 10-minute “stand-up” meetings to start each shift, and the rollout of 24 principles printed for each employee to espouse – both on-duty and off-the-job. Stressing the importance of language, Schulze has urged employees to respond to customers’ routine thanks not simply with “you’re welcome” or “no problem” but with “my pleasure.” Customer service is in the details, and the smallest touches never go unnoticed. These principles helped reshape today’s concept of service, and now transcending hospitality, they’re applied in every industry seeking competitive advantage.
Detailing his life-long admiration of caring and respectful service, Excellence Wins reveals the power of caring for others to determine our success. How we care for people is paramount: “Service always implies caring,” Schulze remarks. “If we settle for lesser goals—meeting the budget, for example, or safeguarding our jobs in a tough economy—we will miss the most important work.” It is excellence in service that secures our future, Schulze contends.
Horst Schulze is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Capella Hotel Group, and Co-founder & Former COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. His visionary and disruptive principles have reshaped excellence, service, and competitive advantage, transcending divisions of industry across the business landscape. Schulze left Ritz Carlson in 2002 and founded The Capella Hotel Group, an ultra-luxury hotel brand with hotels in Europe and Asia. Schulze crafted the company’s iconic mission statement — “Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” — which reflects the value of respect for one’s team, instilling a respect for others (our customers, clients and guests). A dynamic keynote speaker, Schulze is a frequent consultant for global businesses and organizations. He and his wife, Sheri, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Get More Exposure To Your Listings With Less Effort with Nick Good

Nick Good entered the real estate industry in 2005 as an unlicensed assistant at a small brokerage. In 2009, after gaining his Real Estate license, Nick joined forces with his brother, Austin Good and the "The Good Home Team" was born, quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing teams in the market with over $140 Million in sales over the past 3 years. Cliff and Nick discuss the strategies and tactics that The Good Home Team has used to become a dominant force in DFW.

Gabriela Rodil | Legends in Leadership | Episode 35

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Gabriela Rodil (Gabby) was born and raised in Brazil. A few million miles later, Gabby has lived or had extended assignments in over 20 countries including Canada, Mexico, China, Belgium, France,
Argentina, Guatemala, Italy and the US.

In her 20+ years of experience in multiple industries and markets she became a multilingual, global executive. Gabby is an experienced CFO; with deep expertise in the critical areas of financial strategy, systems management and execution.

Gabby Rodil is now the founder and CEO of Gabriela Rodil & Co. Gabriela Rodil & Co. is a consulting services company that solves the puzzle of reliable financial reporting, efficient processes and IT tools for small and midsize business.

Paula Garland, Senior Lecturer at The University of North Texas | Healing Springs: Episode 3

What does it mean to “be in recovery”? Is there just one road to or are there multiple “Pathways to Recovery?” How do we get started? Paula Garland, Senior Lecturer at The University of North Texas in the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services, Clinical Consultant, and Expert in the field of Addiction and Recovery answers these and many important questions about recovery in her interview with John Edmonson on Healing Springs Podcast.

Meet the Author part 1 | The Lemon Tree – Ep.1

Growing up Southern Baptist with a self-absorbed Mother and often absent Father, Jo Alch was forced to spend most of her childhood with an abusive Grandmother who believed that hard work was the only way to get to heaven. On weekends, while her Catholic friends were watching cartoons and playing with the latest toys, Jo and her siblings were polishing silver and starching linens with military precision. Her Grandmother’s personality at church was gentle and kind, unlike the often cruel and harsh one only her family saw.

Jo’s life changed when she stumbled upon a little shop not far from her home, where a perfect stranger gave her the hope for a brighter future. That shop was called ‘The Lemon Tree’ and that’s the story that inspired Jo to write her first book ‘The Lemon Tree Book – Memoirs of Courage’. Watch the Episode to learn more about Jo’s story.

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Mary Day and Nick Baker of The Tribute || Community Cocktails with Kimberly Episode 15

Mary Day is the Marketing Director at Matthews Southwest, a real estate development company that has created The Tribute community on Lake Lewisville.

Nick Baker is the Executive Chef at the Old American Grille, a farm to table restaurant at the Old American Golf Club, which features innovative creations fusing Southwestern, Texas and Americana cuisine.

Located on a peninsula on Lake Lewisville, The Tribute is a 1600 acre master planned lakeside golf and resort community unlike any other in North Texas. Residents experience well-appointed amenities including two award-winning golf courses, miles of scenic hike & bike nature trails, amazing wildlife, beautiful views of Lake Lewisville, resort pool, spray park, playground and meandering canals. At build out, The Tribute plans for more than 2,000 single family homes ranging in price from the low $300,000s to over $1 million, as well as a town center, townhomes, condominiums and apartments.

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Brooke Wentz & Maryam Battaglia | CEO Money Episode 105

Seven Seas Music, Inc. is a streaming and licensing platform supporting creative professionals seeking quality international music for their media projects. The website provides custom search tools and other unique features that make discovery and licensing of distant talent fast, easy and streamlined. Monies we collect from licenses go back to the artists in their respective countries. We are thrilled to be able to empower both sides – producers and artists – deliver memorable audio-visual experiences to audiences.

Before co-founding Seven Seas, Brooke Wentz served as a creative music supervisor and rights executive who created The Rights Workshop after running ESPN’s music department as Music Director. Before that, she was a rights consultant to TechTV, Manager of A&R Administration at Arista Records, and a former radio host. Wentz has been nominated three times by the Guild of Music Supervisors for Best Music Supervision for a Documentary for Dolores, Meet the Patels, and McConkey. She was also nominated for a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing – Feature Documentary for Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me and won a Billboard Award for world music in 1993.

Seven Seas COO and Co-Founder Maryam Battaglia began her career in entertainment law over a decade ago, then went on to work at Live Nation in its business and legal affairs department. In 2008, she joined The Rights Workshop and has since amassed several music supervision credits including Fail State, The Winding Stream, Kings Point, and Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey.

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CEO of Massengill Lending Group Ashley Massengill | Community Connect with Janie Bordner: Episode 6

Ashley Massengill is the founder of AM/PM Academy and AM/PM Credit Repair. Ashley launched her business to empower everyday people like herself, to take charge of their financial situation so they did not have to experience the feeling of being run over by financial institutions as she had in the past. After successfully launching and growing AM/PM Credit Repair into a million dollar business, Ashley launched her business school AM/PM Academy to help aspiring entrepreneurs build their dream businesses.

Romby Bryant and Javiar Collins | North Texas Networkers – Ep.6

On this episode of North Texas Networkers, Caralee Gurney and Stacy Revely welcome former NFL players Romby Bryant and Javiar Collins! Join us!

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July 15th, 2019: Real News & Weather in Under 5 min

Today is Amazon prime day! According to amazon dot com, this is a 48 hour global shopping event quote exclusively for prime members.” Millions of deals online are available to shoppers, but experts say buyers beware of possible scammers using this day to target consumers.

Nationwide ICE raids began over the weekend. According to Fox News the nationwide crackdown is to quote apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants who’ve been given order to leave the country – not those currently crossing the border seeking asylum or citizenship. ICE officials say they are targeting first those with criminal histories… still some sanctuary cities are saying they will not cooperate with ICE law enforcement.

Yesterday two tennis players made history at Wimbledon. In a never before seen fifth set tiebreaker, Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer to take the title after the longest match ever played at the tournament.