Akola Means “She Works” | Doing it Right – Episode 35

Brittany Underwood works tirelessly as founder and CEO of the non-profit Akola Project and Akola Jewelry. She’s found a way to help hundreds of underprivileged Ugandan women earn a living wage by making the beautiful Akola jewelry now carried in retail stores including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, & Saks Fifth Avenue. According to Inc. Magazine, “Underwood is a clear example of a servant leader practicing conscious capitalism to transform the lives of impoverished women and families.”

Her vision began at age 19 when she and two friends from Southern Methodist University decided to take an adventurous teaching trip overseas. They landed in Uganda where Brittany met a woman who changed her life! Sarah, in poverty herself, was caring for orphans in her home. These were street children with no money, no shelter and no way to get an education. Brittany was inspired to roll up her sleeves and help.

It started with a proper home for the children and quickly grew into creating a sustainable work opportunity (The Akola Project) for other women like Sarah so that they could provide for themselves, their families and these children.

Today, Akola provides training, work opportunities and holistic education programs to over 500 women in Uganda and Dallas who care for 4,000+ dependents.

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