Angry Mama Drama | Ask Dr. B. Good – Ep.38

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This week we continue our series with Human behavior expert Byron Ricks (also our long time Legacy Board Chair/President!), on helping single parent families understand how the impact of often emotionally based decisions of the adults end up hurting their children emotionally and often, permanently.
We will delve into how “Angry Mama Dramas” Turn Kids into Pawns – Why excluding dads from kids’ lives is a harmful, selfish act.
Children pay a heavy price for the behaviors of angry mothers. Ricks’ mother worked hard to raise her son single-handedly—but she never forgave his father for leaving, and kept the two of them apart throughout his childhood. Such actions driven by anger can permanently scar boys. He will discusses:
• Top mistakes angry moms make with their sons
• How to talk to a female friend or relative who believes excluding the father is in the child’s best interests
• Advice for women whose child’s father is absolutely not in the picture. What can she do to ensure a male figure positively impacts her child?
• Advice and tips for dads seeking a way back into their kids’ lives
• For dads: why some contact with your son is better than none

Tuesday, July 9th, Mr. Ricks will follow up with Turning Boys into Productive Men through Strategic Character Development. Be sure to mark your calendar for that podcast!