Author Michael Gray | The Lemon Tree Ep. 23

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In this episode of The Lemon Tree, Jo Alch sits down with Author Michael Gray.

About Michael: I love writing books for other people. I feel like I’ve been writing my entire life, and the fact is I have. At fourteen, I taped my first work of satire to the refrigerator and waited for the laughs. Although muted, they did come.

Buoyed by that success, I moved into other arenas, publishing my first work in 1989. Ten years later, I published my first book. For the past twenty years, I’ve been ghostwriting books—north of one hundred. While the longest has been a 387-page 125,000-word behemoth, some are as short as 100-pages. Almost every book has received outstanding reviews.

Currently, I live and work in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas. Married for over thirty years, I spend each day in my home office, pounding away on my keyboard. Next to me on the floor is my precious writing buddy, Tizzy—a sweet but alert Corgi—making sure I get the work done. A nice long walk is her just reward.