Barney the Dinosaur – Carey Stinson | Doing it Right – Ep. 68

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Carey Stinson played Barney the Dinosaur for 22 years!

Can you imagine being an adult doing a 360-degree jump wearing Barney the Dinosaur’s 50-pound suit? That’s what Carey Stinson did for 22 years as the beloved Barney the Purple Dinosaur. At 23 years old, Carey was dubious of playing the role that had to include dancing—a talent he didn’t have. Wait ‘til you hear how he learned his craft and won the hearts of children around the globe.

And here’s something you may not know. Barney the Dinosaur started out in Texas. Before gaining national and international fame, Barney began making appearances at birthday parties. Carey was the guy who entertained the children and eventually became the main Dino on stage and screen.

In his long running character role, Stinson toured the world while appearing seven seasons on the TV show Barney and Friends. It was this experience that inspired Carey’s passion for spreading love and inspiration through photography and now a podcast—Purple Roads. The show features guests sharing moving stories from the world of children’s entertainment and pop culture.

Today, you’ll find Carey using his talent as a professional photographer who loves to capture the true roots of Texas in his fine art photography. His work is displayed in Sparrow’s Gallery in Denison, Texas.