Behind the Scenes of Crisis Intervention: Stories of Success with Mental Health Officer Kyle Willcox

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Today on Best of the West, Sarah Crilley discussed the role of Mental Health Officers in law enforcement with Fort Worth Officer Kyle Willcox from Fort Worth PD’s Crisis Intervention Team. Officer Willcox shared his passion for his work and how it has given him a new perspective on his career. The CIT unit pairs a mental health professional or clinician with a police officer to offer clinical support and de-escalate situations involving mental health crises.

Officer Willcox explained that the CIT unit operates off of rapport and works to get good cooperation from individuals in crisis. The team operates in a gray area due to privacy concerns but they are available to assist patrol officers dealing with a range of crises from bridge jumpers to individuals who lack the will to live. Officer Willcox also shared that the CIT unit is dual-certified as crisis negotiators and has been successful in resolving barricaded situations. Best of the West is brought to you by Real News PR and Real News Communications Network.

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