Being Courageous with Christy Pickering | The Lemon Tree – Ep. 2

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Christy Pickering didn’t know she would end up in a 20-year-long abusive marriage. To the outside world, Christy was a successful businesswoman and community leader, but at home, she faced a dark, controlled and secluded life. The experience scarred her and her family forever but rather than taking this as a roadblock, Christy walked out the door with her children on one side, and her reclaimed independence on the other one.

Her mistakes, lessons she’s learned and her strategy to becoming whole again can be found in her book ‘Courage’ and today, Christy travels all over the country speaking to college women and men on abuse in relationships. In an unhealthy environment, sons can learn to emulate their father’s behavior, disrespecting the women in their lives. And daughters can begin to think that this type of relationship, where physical, mental or emotional abuse happens, is normal and they can fall into a pattern of tolerating abusive behavior.

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