Betzy Santiago & Maureen Edwards | Selling in A Skirt

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Betzy Santiago is a strategist, volunteer, and communicator that loves to drive change and empower others. She has served as a liaison and board member on almost 40 local professional groups and nonprofits including serving as President of the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2010. Betzy has spoken at various events, been featured in magazines, radio, and television, and loves to be a part of significant projects.

Her passion for helping others has served her well as the City of Jacksonville’s International Officer, the Director of International Programs at LSS, and now as a Business Strategist at FSCJ.

Maureen Edwards

Branding, Marketing & Business Strategist
8 Simple Steps

Maureen Edwards is an award-winning branding, marketing, and business strategist as well as a 2x award-winning inventor. She has built 6 profitable companies from conception to commercialization and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to start, turn around, or scale theirs. Her company, 8 Simple Steps, takes the hard out of converting customers for small business owners starting or struggling so they can have a sustainable business. Her approach includes teaching simple real-world best practices and easy-to-implement effective blueprints with hands-on guidance (she loves being in the trenches, guiding entrepreneurs every step of the way). She is a keynote speaker, media guest, university instructor, and national business educator. Her motto is "you don’t need to know everything in business, only what works."