Brazilian Meets Italian…the Gaucho Way | Doing it Right – Ep.43

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It’s the start of Dallas’s 22nd annual Restaurant Week. Having just experienced “THE pizza extravaganza recently with my family, I wanted listeners to hear how the Caregnato family brought their Brazilian Delucca Gaucho Pizza and wine concept to our City. The concept starts with the welcoming owners and waiters who ensure this is a dining experience all on its own. Paying one price for the meal makes it easy. The hard part is deciding which of their 20+ pizzas you like the most. Not only pizzas but a tasty Charcuterie board and lobster bisque hit the table the minute you sit down. Then the show begins….with energetic waiters continually coming to the table offering their smile and a slice of pizza. Think about tasting varieties like Turkish lamb with onion sumac, chicken Tikka Masala, and 4 cheeses and truffle to name a few. Even 4 dessert pizzas. Now that’s a winner.

Be sure to tune in and hear from Evandro Caregnato how he and his wife Didi, bring their values, their personality, and their children into this business. Their four locations are proof that the welcoming atmosphere has fit the bill for a meeting place for friends, family and business colleagues.