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Dr. Ed Lewellen is an Entrepreneur, COO, VP Sales, Pastor, Master Executive Coach, and has been called “THE true Life-Changer."

Over more than three decades, he has been a published author of three life-changing books, thousands of articles, and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people on transformational topics.

Dr. Lewellen’s work has touched executives in Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 companies, along with elite athletes, some of Barron’s 100 Financial Advisors, clients worth hundreds of millions of dollars, along with those that aspire to be among the ranks of those just listed.

He has a unique capability to transform minds and perceptions. When this capability is applied to Leadership and Sales, you get individuals with high levels of confidence and the ambition to move mountains. Dr. Lewellen helps those who are looking to reach new levels of success in life and business.

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