Christy Hedrick | CEO Money Episode 75

Christy Hedrick worked at luxury mens’ clothiers, earning her tuition at the University of Kansas. She learned the value of fitting and making clothes by hand, the value of custom menswear construction, and the industry of men’s fashion.

Christy is a custom clothier. She makes menswear from scratch.

Christy Hedrick or one of her personally certified clothiers will meet each gentleman in person and consult his personal and wardrobe goals. She will ask important questions regarding activity level, lifestyle, events typically attended, and even questions about personal and professional goals. She combines that knowledge with physique and coloring analysis to generate style suggestions for her client.

These elements include:

FABRIC: First, a clothier from Custom by Christy (sometimes even Christy herself!) and her client will look and touch several bolts of fabric swatches to decide which colors, textures, and patterns, will look, feel, and perform best on him.

FIT: Next, Custom by Christy’s talented clothier will ensure a proper fit by performing the ART of measuring the client. This is truly an art-form, and requires training for it to be done correctly. Custom by Christy aims at perfection. Every time.

FINISHES: All the little details and design of the menswear garment. Fancy buttons and fancy linings, modern London cut, or Classic cut, etc
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