Connect & Move Forward | Doing it Right – Ep. 65

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As one of the youngest Market Presidents for Bank of America, Jennifer Chandler juggles her day to day role as Performance Executive for the Private Bank. Her smile says it all as she expresses her enjoyment in working closely with the firm’s largest clients and their families. Not only is she committed to her work, but in her gracious leadership style, Jennifer uses her position to make a difference by giving back to the community. You’ll find her volunteering weekly in various community activities, serving on boards, and attending philanthropic events. Jennifer’s love for philanthropy began as a child who experienced the impact of serving others and she’s never stopped.

Moving forward is what comes naturally to Jennifer. No frills at college – she graduated in two and a half years. From a short teaching stint, she chose the competitive business track that led her to Bank of America. Being a connector is Jennifer’s BRAND. As she explains, “ I have fun identifying a problem over here and finding someone who can solve that problem over there…then bringing the two together.”

Now in her impactful and rewarding career, Jennifer reveals what it’s like to be a leader with a family – “doing it right.” Listen to how Jennifer keeps work/life balance using what she and her husband Scott call “Integration with Team Chandler.”