Covid19 Series: The Party in a Ball with Merrilee Kick of BuzzBallz | Follow the Leader – Episode 17

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"They break down walls, they don’t follow rules…"

While the whole country faced lockdown because of COVID-19, Merrilee Kick found herself in a unique position: she could supply people with something that was desperately needed. And not just the usual need for her delicious BuzzBallz cocktails, but for something that could help keep essential workers healthy and safe. So she put her head together with her family (all of whom help run the Texas-based distillery) and sent out their own hand sanitizer to workers around the country.

What is the surprising inspiration for BuzzBallz? How has the lockdown affected them? What are some of the new products on the horizon?

Merrilee Kick is the CEO and Founder of BuzzBallz/Southern Champion LLC, the only woman-owned distillery and winery in the United States. They specialize in making ready-to-drink cocktails (BuzzBallz), as well as premium spirits with their Southern Champion company which makes vodka, rum, gin, and bourbon. They import/export wines and spirits, and also manufacture private label brands. BuzzBallz sell in over 46 states in the US to grocery, liquor stores, convenience stores, arenas, and airlines. Major customers include Walmart, Total Wine & More, Meijers, Ralph’s, Kroger, American Airlines Center, and Spirit Airlines.

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