Do the police actually prevent crime? | Excellence in Policing – Episode 2

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Let me ask you a serious question, "Do you believe the police actually prevent crime?" Or I’ll ask you this way, "Should the police take all of the credit or blame for crime in their cities?"

Our panel for this episode tackles this question head-on. For this topic, I wanted a mix of academia, practitioners, and a police beat reporter to dissect this from a few different angles. So, I invited Dr. Alex Piquero, a
University of Texas at Dallas Professor of Criminology. Dr. Piquero also serves on the Dallas Mayor’s Task Force on Crime and has a national profile for his expertise and insight. WFAA TV Investigative Reporter Tanya Eiserer has covered the Dallas Police Department and policing since 1996 and has a unique perspective on crime in the big city. Dan Carolla is a former Commander in the Dallas Police Department and now serves as the Chief of Police in Lake Dallas, a Dallas suburb. Chief Carolla has vast knowledge and experience in Operations so his insight is invaluable. Together, we had some very interesting dialogue about crime and whether or not the police prevent crime.

You will be surprised at some of the different views shared in this episode.

Thanks for tuning in!