Empowering Educators at Legacy | Ask Dr. B Good; Ep. 46

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The Ask Dr. B. Good Podcast, featuring Tyler Adams of TINYpulse, will join Dr. Good and Lilly Chacon, HR Manager for Legacy, to talk about how Legacy works hard to give its staff a voice in the every day running of the schools and district. We will share TINYpulse’s founding story (which is a fascinating story all by itself!) a list of platform features (Pulse surveys, Anonymous suggestions, Onboard, Cheers of Peers, Wall of Wins), and how this has evolved over the last six years as TINYpulse and Legacy have worked together to empower our staff.

Happy educators mean happy students!

How will food trucks come up in our TINYpulse discussion?

Come find out at 3 pm today!

More about TINYpulse’s history

David Niu’s book Careercation, which is free to read online