Episode 11: Overcoming poverty in South Dallas

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On this episode of The Road To Innovation our guest Aelicia Watson tells her incredible story of surviving poverty. Watson is the Founder and Executive Director of Redeemed Women- a non-profit organization helping women to live independent lives.

Our guest says her purpose in life is providing the right resources for those in unfortunate situations, hoping to break generational poverty. This encouraged her to publish the book Anointed, sharing her story through horrific struggles and finding hope in God’s call on her life.

To find out more on Redeemed Women: https://www.redeemedwomen.org/

To get a copy of the book Anointed visit: Church of the Incarnation Bookstore, $15 or- The Redeemed Women website, click “Donate” to pay and Redeemed Women will mail the book for $20.

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