Episode 80: Educators weigh in on new normal

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Today’s podcast is a conversation with Legacy teachers and teaching assistants about what it is like to function in this new COVID environment where we are buildiung hte plane while flying it.
We will ask the following questions;
-What were some of your thoughts early on about what was happening because of COVID?
-What the week is like on the campus (Question for TAs)
-What safety measures do you have to take each day? (Question for TAs)
-What are you doing differently now then you were in a face to face environment?
-What new skills have you learned because of COVID?
-What new skills/practices can you see yourself using when you get back into the classroom?
-Generally speaking, how are your scholars doing in this low tech/new tech world?
Parents, you will be proud to hear from some of the rock stars themselves about how they helped pull off the fastest, biggest change in public education!