Follow Up: Destination Wilderness after school program | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep 59

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A few weeks ago we did a podcast with Dr. Michael Hooten and Ms. Jennifer Hoag from the Destination Wilderness afterschool program for middle schoolers. To refresh your memory on that podcast, here’s the link:

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The first activity of this afterschool program happened last week end in both schools. Scholars and their parent(s) slept outside on the school grounds and had fun doing different activities before spending the night in a tent!

Today, we will hear from a few scholars who were there and their facilitators as we discuss the Legacy PCA outdoor learning program.

Did the scholars sleep well? Are they excited about future camping in one of Texas’ state parks? Were there ghost stories? What goes on at 3:00 am outside of your school?

Our first camping experience was a success and we will share upcoming events and ideas for getting your family involved in the outdoors.

Listen to find out the answers to the camping questions and more about this character building outdoor program!

Scott Townsend, Legacy’s STEM Director, will host this week’s podcast!