Founder of FearLess Dallas, Jill Nastasia

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If you’ve talked to Jill, you know she’s all about relationships. Throughout her career she’s had the pleasure of working with professionals and entrepreneurs across the country to grow their businesses to reach their goals AND – in turn – create jobs within their communities. As a small business owner herself, she loves to create jobs for others and help her employees grow and reach their full potential.

As a teen in Bridgeport, CT, Jill aged out of foster care, and while she had the street smarts and skills necessary to survive, she found herself and women like her struggling to thrive due to a lack of Life 101. Over time, she realized that it was the other women in her community who helped her survive and learn how to navigate adulthood, and over the years she noticed it was not just women fresh out of the foster system who needed this service. Women+ of all ages were hitting walls, wondering what their next chapter would be.

In 2019, Jill founded FearLess Dallas, a nonprofit that provides women valuable life skills to help them acquire a sustainable career, establish a healthy living environment, and teach self-care practices. This is accomplished through the creation of a member network that fosters life-long learning through full-circle mentorship and a sense of community. As of today, FearLess has been able to touch 500+ women and help them acquire the tools necessary to live their best lives.–