Gaining Credibility Through Media and Social Media to Stand Out from the Competition

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In this insightful interview, we talk about the art of building credibility in a crowded market using media and social media. My guest, Kari Michaelsen, a seasoned expert in digital branding and reputation management, shares strategies and tips on how businesses and individuals can leverage various media channels to enhance their credibility, differentiate themselves from competitors, and foster trust among their audience. From content creation to engaging with followers and securing media features, we explore the critical elements that contribute to a strong and credible online presence.
Kari has been Public Speaking and Hosting Educational Seminars for over 25 years. Combining those skills with her years of experience in front of
the camera seemed natural (and somewhat destined) as the next step after her Television Series “Gimme a Break” wrapped .Thus, her career in
Broadcasting was born. Some of her Broadcasting credits include hosting a Morning Talk Show, a News Magazine Show, and the Weekly
Interview Show “In the Spotlight.”
Kari has done interviews with countless Celebrities, and many of the greatest Leaders and Achievers in our country. Kari’s in-depth interviews
highlight her guests Powerful Insights for Personal and Business success. Kari says, ”It is deeply rewarding to know that when we reach a viewer
who learns a new strategy, and a new way of thinking or responding to a challenge, we have been a small part of making a difference in the success of their businesses, and their lives….”