Grocery Jerks & Job Perks | Second Shot – Episode 126

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You may not realize it, but you make assumptions every day. "I won’t get into a car wreck on the way to work." "This person is telling me the truth." "My ice cream isn’t pre-licked." Alexa Conomos and Ron Corning, former news anchors and hosts of the podcast "Morning After with Ron and Alexa," join us this week to discuss how things aren’t always what they seem and if we’re not paying attention, that delicious ice cream we just bought could actually be leftovers already. Also, everyone in the room is familiar with leaving a job. How could their former companies have made them more willing to stay? What’s the one thing your employer could be doing to make you love your job that much more? Even if someone listened to this episode before you, there’s nothing wrong with going in for seconds of this new Second Shot!

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