Growing up without a father | Ask Dr. B. Good – Ep.36

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Today’s podcast will feature Mr. Byron RIcks, Legacy’s founding and still current Board Chair. He will share information from his book, Searching for Dad, about growing up fatherless on the West side of Chicago. He will share what it was like growing up without a father, along with his observations and conversations with other fatherless men. He’ll talk about the emotional, psychological, and financial disconnect that happens to boys and girls who grow up without fathers.

Mr. Ricks transforms the moving lessons from his own life into a roadmap to guide other men who grew up without fathers, fathers looking to reconnect with their sons, mothers who are raising fatherless children, and young men who are currently fatherless.

Nationally known for his motivational trainings, Mr. Ricks blends stories from his own youth growing up fatherless with insights from his current work and life to bring a unique message of healing and hope.

The Nine Side Effects of Growing Fatherless:

Identity Crisis
Silent Anger
A need to Belong
Understanding your Value
Misunderstanding Character
Lack of Respect
The Void
A lopsided view of Sex
Not enough Love