Healthcare found me. Then it became a calling | Doing it Right – Ep. 38

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Retired Air Force Colonel Don Taylor was tapped on the shoulder to open a much-needed trauma center in Baghdad at the height of the Iraqi war. With a cadre of doctors and nurses, Don took the reins to design and command the hospital that at one point cared for ABC Anchor Bob Woodruff’s near fatal injuries.

The intensity of work infiltrated days and nights of urgent care from well-trained staff working long hours in oppressive heat. This experience turned Don’s future to now advocating for health care professionals to embrace their work with a Calling Of Care, Calling For Care and Calling To Care. As Don explains, “I want people who are considering getting into healthcare – to run toward it. And I want those who are in healthcare – to look in the mirror. If you’ve lost CARING, find it.”

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