He’s the Bicycle Guy | Doing it Right – Ep. 36

AJ Javed is one of the youngest assistant vice presidents at Comerica Bank, now serving his customers in the new, fully automated Snider Plaza Dallas Branch. This pilot enterprise aligns with the DRC’s focus on supporting the launch and growth of innovative ventures in the Dallas Region.

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AJ’s story began as an eager 19-year-old from Pakistan who entered America with only 100 Euros and an eagerness to start a new life. From day one AJ took nothing for granted. Without ever grumbling that he had no bed nor means for buying a car, he landed his first job as a teller at Wells Fargo Bank. Riding his bike 15 miles each way was no hill he couldn’t climb. He was focusing on the opportunities afforded to him in the United States.

Comerica Bank recruited AJ eight years ago where he continues to be recognized as an annual top performer year after year.