How Austin-based won a $250M contract to help fight COVID-19 | Episode 16

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“Fear is what holds all small businesses back.”

There’s a lot of fear in the world today, and small business owners are likely feeling their fair share of it. How are they going to survive an extended lockdown? Will business come back when it’s over? Are things ever going to be the same?

Andrea Tsakanikas, founder and president of, took the opportunity to adapt her business model to the situation. How did a company focused on managing employee travel change course when there’s pretty much no employee travel? She’s here to answer that and much more about not letting fear get in the way of what you need to do.

Andrea has represented investors across the US, managing hundreds of thousands of room nights of workforce lodging, rental, and travel products over the span of her career. Since 2007 she served as a management consultant with a specialization in optimizing operations of hotels, workforce and corporate housing, as well as, Class A, B & C multi-family projects, ensuring the highest returns in revenue and profitability. Learn more about her and her company at