How I Mastered the Job Search | Doing it Right – Ep. 60

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Jason Alba knows how a job search “should” work. He learned a major lesson during his epic failure-of-a-job-search in early 2006. After having a successful start in his IT career, Jason found himself an unwilling participant in the job market. In 2006 it was supposedly a "job seeker’s market."

Jason quickly found that a "job seeker’s market" does not mean the job search will be easy or short. His experience left him frustrated— feeling like a failure. Not someone to take that lightly, Jason determined to learn from his experience. By using his software and project management skills, Jason created a sales tool for job selection.

Thus was born his app affectionately called JibberJobber, the first tool that allowed a job seeker to manage and organize a job search. The tool developed as Jason’s understanding of job search, career management, personal branding and networking evolved. JibberJobber went from a tool to track a job search into a tool that has helped tens of thousands manage multiple job transitions during one’s entire career.

Today Jason manages his Utah business while he and his wife raise their family of 5 children. Tune in to learn from Jason’s experience PLUS receive two free offerings he will share on the show.