How Legacy Staff & Parents Can Become Stronger Charter School Advocates | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 71

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Today we will be talking about how Legacy staff and parents can become stronger charter school advocates before the next legislative session in 2021.
We will chat about the need for charter advocacy, share info from the TPCSA association data about the last legislative session, and what Dr. Good has done so far to engage other superintendents in feeling the urgency for this work. And why this is not enough and must now get the help of the bigger charter community… YOU!
We will also chat with a couple of Legacy teachers who attended the TPCSA Advocacy training given last Saturday. Brandi Weaver Braley and Heidi San Miguel will share what they learned and how they are going to use it to help advance the charter movement
We’ll also chat about parents being the biggest group we need to engage and then share what that’s going to look like.
Our community liaison, Ilse Acosta will also join us to make sure we include her in this important work. See you at 3 p.m.!