How to Eat Healthy on a Budget with Krisler Bailey Functional Medicine Coach

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On this episode of Talk of the Town, host Sarah Crilley sits down with local functional medicine health coach, Krisler Bailey.

Coach Krisler introduces herself and talks about how functional medicine is a healthcare approach that is an individualized approach and focuses on the root cause of disease. She shares her own experience with functional medicine and how it helped her become a health coach.

Coach Krisler explains what functional medicine is and how it can impact healthcare professionals. She stresses the importance of food in health and longevity, as well as the buzzword "detox."

When it comes to health, food is very important to keep the body in tip-top shape. Though, some may feel healthy foods are more expensive than fast food or boxed meals.

For those on a budget, Coach Krisler explains how to eat healthy and budget for healthy grocery costs. Coach Krisler even shares a fun and easy recipe for parents to make with their kids at home to get those veggies in..making homemade salsa!

Overall, the episode was a great guide for healthy living, and the recorded version could be found on the social media platforms of the client.

Lastly, Sarah and Coach Krisler discuss bone broth and its benefits. The episode is brought to you by Real News Communications Network.

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