Joerg Molt | CEO Money Episode 120

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Joerg Molt, born 1972 in Germany, is a technologist and one of the founders of Bitcoin.

Joerg has founded several Bitcoin businesses and brings knowledge to masses through his international Satoshi School initiative.

His school is one of the renowned schools in the world keeping the idea of Bitcoin and the fundamental knowledge alive and make it available to the mainstream adoption. It has the simple mission to provide expert education and knowledge on blockchain technology in an accessible and affordable way.

Joerg has always had a very liberal attitude and was therefore fascinated by the idea of enabling people more freedom and self-determination in a decentralized world.

He is a top ranked trainer and speaker on crypto currencies who offers deep level and trusted education on this pioneering technology as this changes the world. He was awarded as Speaker Excellence Trainer in 2017 and 2018 and also with the blockchain Community Award issued by Coinsbank.

He got 51% shareholding in very valuable companies and founded nearly 150 Charity Projects which are working as a part of these companies.

On his educational channels on Facebook and YouTube, he informs his followers daily about the latest news in the crypto world in German and English.

Joerg has such a profound knowledge in the areas of Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and all the underlying technologies like only few others. He deals with the world economy and the respective political orientation of countries and consults governments, banks and institutions on how to develop a secure understanding with the handling and regulation of Bitcoins.

2018, he published his first book "Die Generation Bitcoin" in German (Amazon) and The BitCoin generation English (BoD and Amazon)

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