Legacy’s Jr. ROTC Program | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 63

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Today we will be visiting again with Gunnery Sergeant Finch who commands the Legacy Jr. ROTC program. We’ll be going more in depth, looking at MS LCC at LPCA.
We will chat about the curriculum, including"
-Components of the program
-How it changes between 7th – 8th grades
-Desired Program Goals and Outcomes
Let’s hear from the scholars!
-Why did you sign up for this program?
-What has been the #1 thing you have learned from being in the program?
-There are 14 leadership traits, can anyone name them all?
-Of the 14 leadership traits which do you consider the most important and why? (Each Cadet will answer)
-Next Year
-Moving from MS to HS – What changes?
Cadets -Are you looking forward to being in HS next year, and what excites you about it?
As you can see, parents, this podcast will be a great way to know what is happening in this leadership program whether your child is currently in it, thinking about going into it next year, or you/your children are just curious about it and want to know more.