Marie Zimenoff on How Murphy’s Law Shaped my Career | Doing it Right! Ep. 74

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Early in her career running large organizations, Marie McCoy Zimenoff learned that “if anything could go wrong, it will go wrong.” Marie is the CEO of Career Thought Leaders, a global think tank for coaches, counselors, resume writers, and other professionals looking to stay up to date on trends, expand their practice, and guide clients to success.

During Marie’s college years, she became acquainted with overcoming obstacles and learned invaluable life lessons that she has applied in her company. Just last year over 1,500 professionals graduated from the platform’s courses, furthering their credentials and growing professionally.

Now juggling career and life as a mom of two, Marie has gained a brand new perspective on the difference between control and persistence.

In this episode we’ll discuss the keys to resilience and resourcefulness.

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