Modify your brain-change your behavior | Doing it Right – Ep. 62

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Leigh Richardson’s personal experiences with brain injury led her to believe in using neurofeedback as an alternative to medication.

After an alarming event occurred when her twin boys were in second grade, Leigh’s world completely shifted. One of her 2-year-old twin boys was hit by a car resulting in a concussion that seemed to heal without effects…until 5th grade. He started experiencing issues concentrating and remembering things. Crying after school one day he anxiously told his mom, “I think I have ADHD!” His teacher suggested Leigh put him on Ritalin, which was NOT something she took as an answer. Being totally opposed to the suggestion, Leigh found a neurologist that used neurofeedback to help her son. Having suffered herself from two brain injuries she tried the same treatment.

If there is a lesson to be learned from the positive results, it’s getting involved with mental health and whole-brain training. In 2009, Leigh founded her successful counseling practice at The Brain Performance Center.

Listen to how Leigh’s dedication to improving all aspects of brain health has led her to be recognized as a leader in the pursuit of mental health.