Mrs. Bailey’s Smile | The Lemon Tree – Ep.8

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On this episode of ‘The Lemon Tree – Memoirs of Courage’ podcast, Jo Alch interviews Carolyn Jennings, author of Mrs. Bailey’s Smile a book focused on compassion, segregation and living in the 1950’s America.

In 1952, young Rebecca is feeling isolated in her new home in a backward farming community. Surrounded by country cemeteries and desperate for friendship, she yields to peer pressure in order to gain acceptance. Will the betrayal cost her the only friend she has and threaten the bond she has forged with her father? While adjusting to their new home, the searing pain of a family tragedy unmasks the fragile makeup of the family unit. Is Rebecca’s concern for her family’s survival and her fear of the rumor mill what causes her to harbor a haunting secret? In a stunning and emotional final betrayal, Rebecca tests her theory that sometimes it just might be right to do wrong in order to do right. Does her gamble pay off when compassion is the greatest need?

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