Near-Death Experience Brought His Soul Music to Life | Shake Anderson & Carey Stinson: Ep.77

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In summer 2004 Shake Anderson entered the hospital wondering if he would die. A year later he beat the odds and entered rehab. That’s when Shake started making soul music that hit the top charts.

Audiences are moved when this man starts playing his piano or guitar and singing from the depth of his toes. He’s more than an entertainer. He brings emotion that penetrates an audience and evokes the same feelings he’s experienced. It’s about life – and Shake performs what he’s lived.

When asked how he defines Soul Music, Shake answered, “it’s music that comes from those deep recesses of my heart and reveals itself whether I want it to or not.” He’ll tell you that working as a musician today, he “does music and life.”

A long-time friend, Carey Stinson knows the ropes of being an entertainer. Playing Barney, the Purple Dinosaur for two decades and now host of the podcast Purple Roads Podcast, Carey experienced Shake’s music and just had to meet him. Their special friendship ensued , which Carey explains on the show. He explains “I love people who inspire, who want to do something with their life. That is the essence of who Shake is—as a person, entertainer, father and husband. The real deal.”

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