Parent relationship with their children | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 66

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The holidays are over and you are sending your child(ren) back to school this week. Did the time spent together leave you feeling like you and your child(ren) are in a really good place together? Or did the last two weeks reinforce that deep feeling you’ve been having that you and the kids are not connecting? Were you sort of relieved to send them back to school?
It’s not unusual for parents to get off kilter with their kids, especially if a parent has unresolved issues around:
-the children’s father
-childhood issues
-feeling alone
-lack of contentment with their current life
Relationship expert and author Christine Smith will join us again today to talk about how parents can move towards rediscovering their own inner compass. This is a necessary part of the relationship puzzle before parents can help their own children discover their own inner compasses.
Join us as we explore how parents can learn about the steps necessary to undertake the steps needed to start the new year off more honestly by learning how to ensure your relationship with your children is in a good place.

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