Personal Branding is Essential for Leaders | William Arruda Ep. 76

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William Arruda never thought of himself as an Entrepreneur. Yet he built a successful personal branding business and has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry.

Being the Personal Branding guru that he is today began as he innately paid attention to what was around him. As a highly curious guy, William is attuned to little things in life that are interesting, unusual, thought provoking. On a particular day nearly 23 years ago, he noticed the front cover of Fast Company magazine. The headline read The Brand Called You: You Can’t Move Up If You Don’t Stand Out. The article urged readers to start thinking of themselves AS A BRAND! It went on to discuss how to identify your personal brand and use it to create greater success by standing out from the crowd.

William was enthralled with the idea of teaching others to harness the power
of authentic personal branding. As a marketing executive he had been branding companies. Why not do branding for individuals?

William knew that the world of work was changing. No longer was it the norm to stay with a company for life. Mergers and acquisitions were on the rise, companies were downsizing, people were being riffed. William saw an opportunity to help individuals take charge of their own career by identifying their unique value their authentic personal brand.

Leaving a well-paying job and an expat package that had him living in Paris, he focused on developing the Reach Personal Branding Company and is the co-founder of Career Blast TV. Today he’s an author, senior contributor at Forbes and motivational speaker on one topic— Personal Branding!

Was this idea risky and foolish? Or was it a bold move to pursue his passion and change the world one person at a time?

Listen to how William’s optimistic approach brought him success beyond imagination.

Twitter: @williamarruda