Prism Dermatology uses advance laser for multiple treatments

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"This laser is engineered for laser hair removal as well as many other treatments." said Dr. Rawn Bosley.

Dr. Bosley works on all skin care needs.

"Whether it’s acme or warts, whether it’s pediatric or geriatrics, whether it’s looking for moles, or any cosmetic concerns such as botox or fillers." said Dr. Bosley.

Some say having good skin is a boost of confidence.

"Dermatology and skin disease can be a very personal condition for patients and to be able to provide care, skin care, to help a person not only become more healthier on the outside but also feel healthier on the inside." said Dr. Bosley.

Prism Dermatology says that’s why they invest in technology like, "Splendor X."

"I am able to offer services such as red light where we shine a red wave length light onto the skin to help reduce inflammation which thereby reduces acne and breakouts. I am also able to do procedures such as laser therapy, using laser therapies I can send energy into the skin which can reduce the production of oil, reduce bacteria and also shrink the pores." said Dr. Bosley.

With social media as the main stage for showing off our skin, dermatologist say it increases expectations for the flawless look.

A lot of patients are concerned naturally about their appearance and the quicker we can get a patient to their ideal result, it’s best for the both us." said Dr. Bosley.