Radio Queen Turned Businesswoman | Second Shot Sit-Downs #5

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“You don’t know any better, so you just do it.”

It’s hard to imagine radio legend Kellie Rasberry Evans in any other profession, but that career might be due to one very well-timed second shot and the bravery of inexperience. From her start in South Carolina to 25 years on the “Kidd Kraddick Morning Show," Kellie has faced personal and professional challenges one after another, including the passing of her host and long-time colleague Kidd Kraddick. But Kellie hasn’t been shy about tackling those challenges and turning them into opportunities.

If being an award-winning radio personality wasn’t enough, she’s now entered the world of fashion by selling bags and clothing online with a very unlikely business partner – her 13-year-old daughter. You can learn more at Follow Kellie on social media @kellierasberry, or keep up with the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show at

Second Shot Sit-Downs is an in-depth look at the people who inspire us, from your friends at Second Shot! This interview series is meant to highlight the types of people we talk about on the show: the people who really embody that idea of taking a Second Shot at business, at relationships, at life.