Redirecting your inner compass | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 58

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Today we chat with Ms. Christine Crockett Smith, author of 18 Master Values: Be the parent you wish you’d had, host of The Power of One Interviews: Celebrating Conscious Living, Creator of Workshops called Rediscovering Your Inner Compass and Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Compass, founder of – an online conscious community, and founder, Kekuatan Satu Ranch – Come to Learn. Learn to Grow. Grow to Thrive.

Ms. Smith brings information on Rediscovering Your Inner Compass, which will help us reground ourselves to the understanding that we’re all born loveable, worthy and enough. And we’ll talk about those things in life that sometimes erodes those feelings and what to do if/when that happens.

As an adult, we have the responsibility to take the time to think about the things we were told or taught that make us believe we’re less than and excavate out from under them so we can live our best lives. Ms. Smith will share a few simple, fundamental things that can help rediscover our inner compass to get us going back in a mentally healthier direction.

Why is it important to do this? It is impossible to have healthy relationships or be a good parent, spouse, employee or citizen if you don’t first spend some time focusing on who you want to be and figuring out how to be it. Welcome to Rediscover Your Inner Compass!

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