San Antonio’s Historic City Hall Gets a Facelift | Doing it Right – Ep. 61

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Established in 1718, San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in Texas – now recorded as the 2nd largest city in the state. The historic city hall is in the midst of a major renovation headed by the city of San Antonio senior architect/project manager Carol Warkoczewski. A former City architect, Carol has 38 years’ experience in project planning, design, and delivery.

Besides being recognized as a talented architect and leader in the capital projects industry, Carol is passionate about developing leaders in the construction industry. This led her to additionally earn a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Ethics. In 2010, she created the Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects. Carol is founder, Board Chair and Chief Vision Officer of what is dubbed I-LinCP – pronounced I-link-up. Since it’s beginning, Carol and TDIndustries, Inc. executives have partnered in support of the organization’s goals to provide a collaborative venue for industry leaders to discuss improvements, culture change, leadership building and owner project requirements. Bob Richards worked closely with her to further develop leadership initiatives that share the power of collaboration along with the tools for developing and delivering successful projects.

On today’s program she will share insights with Greg Bailey, TD’s Business Development Manager in San Antonio. Greg assists in identifying the best solutions for the mechanical systems on this project. Besides his role assisting many business partners in San Antonio, his thirst for best practices in supporting effective preconstruction and superior project processes for the San Antonio construction team, Greg has enjoyed taking I-LinCP courses to enhance his personal leadership competencies.

You’ll hear how this design-build project has been enhanced by living the I-LinCP mission and goals set for greater collaboration and trust relationships throughout the industry.