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Sarah Victory
Do Something Brave Everyday

Embracing the mantra of "Do Something Brave Every Day" is an empowering call to action, urging individuals to step outside their comfort zones, confront fears, and challenge the status quo on a daily basis. It is a commitment to personal and professional growth through acts of courage, fostering resilience, innovation, and a mindset that propels individuals toward transformative achievements.

Doing something brave every day is the cornerstone of Sarah Victory’s company, The Victory Company and my amazing guest. Our conversation was enriched with real stories of how and why things happened to and for Sarah’s business. We talked about her signature program, “Double Your Business, Double Your Impact, Change The World” with a story that cemented the true meaning of changing the world.
Sarah is one of the most generous women with her time, her experience and her brilliance and I know, by simply watching and listening, there is a golden nugget waiting for you.

Sarah is an International Bestselling Author of numerous best-selling books including Double Your Business in One Year or Less!, Do Something Brave Every Day, and How To Be Powerful. She is also the Chief Visionary Officer for The Victory Company, growing successful businesses since 1995.

Sarah Victory is an Award-Winning Speaker, who has performed for over 3000 distinguished audiences and 3 ½ Million live participants in the US, Europe, and South America, and is sought after for Radio Shows, TV, and Popular Podcasts.
Sarah has worked with over 750 influential individual clients such as Fortune 100 CEOs, Top Sports Stars, Visionary Thought Leaders, Hollywood Celebrities, Social Media Giants, Speaker’s Hall of Fame Speakers, and World-Renowned New York Times Best-Selling Authors.
Her clients include Avon, Ford, Redken, Farmers, Mary Kay, Oxford, Usana, OPI, Arbonne, and IBM just to name a few! You have seen her influential clients make dozens of appearances on Oprah, The Today Show, the Tonight Show, and CNN.
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