School Lunches | Ask Dr. B Good, Ep. 49

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Today we are going to take the long way to chat about school lunches. It’s the long way because before we get to the lunches we have at school or should pack for school we need to review today’s nutrition and health guidelines.
We will begin with going into the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) website called where we will look at the information they have available on the latest research on healthy eating.
We will touch on -the Dietary Guidelines, Key Elements of Healthy Eating Patterns, Shifts that Need to Align with Healthy Eating, and Who has a Role in Supporting Healthy Eating Patterns.
We will go through the ChooseMyPlate website so you can see how easy it is to use and some of the meal planning and menu planning templates they have to make eating on a budget easier.
Then we will finally talk about what all this means as far as packing a healthy school lunch and some creative ways to help children want to eat their healthy school lunch!