Sean Evans | CEO Money Episode 116

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Robert Sean Evans (Sean Evans) is the founder and CEO of My Wine Society, the first social engagement platform for the global wine community, connecting wineries to fans. The 38-year-old launched his first company while at Atkinson Graduate School of Management, which was an athletic training facility in Portland, Oregon. He then spent the next 4 years growing the company so he could sell and move to California. Upon arriving in California, Evans launched a boutique management consulting company and worked on referral basis for small to medium cap companies. He did this for the next 12 years before partnering with Skylab and launching My Wine Society in San Diego. Evans has still has over half a dozen companies under management, with his personal focus on the execution and growth of his wine app.

Sean Evans conceptualized this platform from years of experience working in the management consulting field combined with a fortuitous introduction to a revolutionary tech partner in Skylab. His family being heavily involved in the Northern California wine industry as owners of Holly’s Hills Winery and having many high school friends as working professionals in Napa Valley, it was a perfect marriage of experience, opportunity and need. Sean grew the company from concept phase by partnering with Skylab to a global app spanning multiple continents and over 35 employees worldwide.

“It was that surface-level knowledge of the wine industry operations and their struggle to communicate and connect with the next generation of wine drinkers that inspired My Wine Society… along with a unique opportunity to partner with Skylab and skip an almost always debilitating tech development process. Being more of an outsider looking in, but still very much a wine enthusiast, has helped me to have a firm vision for connecting wine drinkers in a mobile community to the wineries they want to learn about and visit” reflects Evans.

To get a break from his long working hours, Evans enjoys traveling to environments completely opposite than the office such as a weekend festival or a short trip to a new destination. Exploring new places personally and physically help him reset for another long week.

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