She’s Lived a Life Without Limbs | Second Shot Sit-Downs #6

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"People put their own limitations on you. I never thought I was limited."

All of us are different, and Chassidy Young knew that from a young age. She did well in school. She competed in dance competitions. She was homecoming queen.

Chassidy was also born with tetra-amelia or, simply put, lacking all four limbs.

Where others might see obstacles, Chassidy sees opportunity and has used her "disability" as a springboard into a life of creative thinking, motivational speaking, and great fashion. She’s thriving in a world not built for her, and says she wants other women to know they can feel beautiful in any body. You can find her on social media @chasing_chassidy

Second Shot Sit-Downs is an in-depth look at the people who inspire us, from your friends at Second Shot! This interview series is meant to highlight the types of people we talk about on the show: the people who really embody that idea of taking a Second Shot at business, at relationships, at life.