The Dallas Bankers Club | Episode 3

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Welcome to The Dallas Bankers Club, where today we have two friends of mine and members of TDBC.

On today’s show we have Mike Point, Managing Director Alternative Investments, and Steve M. Ellis, Managing Director at Commerce Street Capital, LLC.

Both Mike and Steve have many years of raising capital, investment banking M&A advisory serving family offices, institutional investors, private and public, lower to upper middle market companies. All around just really good investment banks and good guys that know their stuff.

Mike and Steve have been very supportive of TDBC, and we had a chance to have a light conversation about community banking consolidation, who are buying banks, and what makes Commerce Street Capital unique in buying and selling banks. Mike and Steve will be back on the show to have more discussions on this topic as well as market trends they see.

Stay tuned for more with Mike and Steve.

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