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Mental Health Expert Brian Dunn Connections Wellness
0:00-0:37 Intro Tease coming up on Best of the West
1:10- 1:40 Welcome to Best of the West our mental health expert Brian Dunn to address what mental health is, Brian’s bio he has a master’s degree in social work and direct practice and working with people
1:45- Brian Dunn’s story, calling to work as a social worker, Brian shares what he has learned how to intentionally work with the lives of people.
3:38-5:15 Let’s take the stigma off mental health and needing help says Host Sarah Crilley she asks Brian when it is the time to seek help. Brian shares that when someone feels an imbalance, something causes an imbalance. Brian is able to determine what may be overloading the internal body’s stressors, perhaps leaving the typical routine. Brian explains his tippy scale philosophy. This is a great way to gauge stress in general!
5:30 Host Sarah Crilley asks Brian Dunn about pandemic stressors and his personal thoughts
6:21 Experience of working in the geriatric psych, insights shared here during his work with seniors in senior living facilities. He was fortunate to do therapy with them during that time in 2020. There is talk of how some seniors showed resilience and others had mental health challenges.
8:00 The isolated wing for seniors
9:40 Brian shares interesting insight if another pandemic comes around where there is a shelter in place order and what the mental health effects may be anticipating that "now that we know what that is like"
11:36 What to expect VS not expect pros and cons of the brain processing, discussion on trauma
12:16 Viktor Emil Frankl Austrian neurologist and Holocaust survivor mention
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13:30 Host Sarah Crilley asks Guest Brian Dunn what life is like being Brian through his wide breadth of experience,
14:11 Fort Worth Crisis team proactive patrol experience, In September 2017, the Fort Worth Police Department created the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team or CIT, Brian Dunn shares his experience when he was suited up as a team member on the scene during a crisis. Fort Worth PD experience.
15:30 Brian shares his insight on checking the box of all levels of care and how being a first responder what fascinating.
16:30 Call for help example and what that taught Brian, Fort Worth PD experience.
17:17 Host Sarah Crilley asks where his experience has brought him to today with Connections Wellness Group as business development and shares the history of the company he works for with
18:16 Brian Dunn shares how excited he is about his team and what they are doing with and how Awsten Gregg as a CEO’s vision is alive within the company.
19:31 Being all things mental health, what services does Connections Wellness Group provide? It’s every level of care outpatient care. IOP and group therapy PHP with an extra hour a day. Working folks, kids, all ages, individual therapy, psychiatrist, talk therapy, as services within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.
21:00 The going rate of service in mental health care prices are shared as well as the collaboration on the team with Connections Wellness
22:00 Locations are Denton, McKinney, Prosper, Fort Worth, there are more services discussed like an eating disorder, and very specific on eating and plating food therapy.
23:19 Let’s talk about the general tips on mental health "How Important is Breakfast in the Morning"
24:01 What does out of balance actually mean? Not getting enough self-care. Brian Dunn shares his personal recharge importance and eating good, sleeping good, and staying active. He shares how important keeping up with hobbies is to refuel and are usually missing when they are out of balance.
25:00 Talking about escapism and social media. This is important to look at your evening routine says Brian Dunn, not to over caffeinate!
26:11 How mental health overwhelm is possible to be triggered by travel, Specifics on how he personally keeps in check during travel and being out of the routine.
27:30 Dopamine and the adrenaline rush that is fed by social media and not dealing with stress the right way is talked about, running through the drive-through, how to fuel your body, and making a relationship with food a healthy one.
29:00 Let’s talk about the importance of sleep! Let’s talk about the best ranges.
30:00 Brian shares circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. What happens when we hit that snooze button? You should wake up and get up unless you can manage to sleep another 90 minutes! Sarah and Brian share their personal sleep cycles.
32:00 How to correct your sleep clock and change the routine and how he has corrected his own routine of sleep.
32:20 How to get ahold of Brian and resources.
32:29 Outro Podcasting at the speed of news and