The Fastest Sandwich in Town – Which Wich, Ma’am? | Doing it Right – Ep.53

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When Jeff Sinelli speaks – out pops more ideas than you can absorb in one bite.

His personality vibrates, his vision grabs attention, his heart pounds out of his chest with passion for Which Wich. Now a global franchised sandwich chain in 40 states and 11 countries, Jeff calls himself the Chief Vibe Officer. Underneath it all, Jeff is a simple guy who came up with a simple idea….sandwich in a brown paper bag.

He credits his mom. “My mom used to pack my lunch, writing my name and its contents on a brown bag before sticking it in the refrigerator”. So, you could say, it’s always been in buried in his subconscious & just took 25 years to come out.

You’ll be mesmerized hearing Jeff share his success, disappointments and always fun times.