The Jeff Crilley Show: Jim Koch

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On today’s Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes Jim Koch, Business Development, Partner at Outer Foundry Corporation.

Outer Foundry Corporation. is building the next generation of Mobile/Web platforms to connect and support those with autism and other disabilities. We are always interested in meeting those who have technology needs, particularly around the subject of helping those with autism.

LACE Nexus is a private web platform and is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well. L.A.C.E. is your Local Autism Community Engagement Network. We are working to globally connect autism spectrum adults and their parents with local social events, service providers, training and employment opportunities.

“In order to build a truly self-sustaining community, we need to connect vocational programs, enterprise opportunities, and residential providers. Vocational programs help individuals prepare for work opportunities. Meaningful employment creates self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Yet a job alone does not define who one is, thus the need exists to combine vocation and employment within a community. L.A.C.E.Nexus is the platform that can connect the ASD community with social, educational and work opportunities at a local community level. ”

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